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No products matching your query have been found in our store. Please bookmark this page and come back soon to see if we have what you want.Enterprise car rentals Some people don't own an automobile. Even in America it's a fact. There are also people who have a car but travel to different cities where they'll need a car. Whether it's for a trip near home over the weekend, running errands that can't be done via public transportation, or getting around while 1000 miles away from home, that's where rental cars come into the picture. When people think of renting a car they think of Enterprise. That's because Enterprise car rentals are not overly pricey, they're generally in good shape, and Enterprise will even pick up the renter from home, from the office, or from the airport. Enterprise can be found in every major city, as well as in not so major cities and townsChances are wherever you are there's an Enterprise there. Compact cars, full size cars, sedans and coups are all there for the taking. Some even offer sporty convertibles. Why not take advantage of the sun and weather especially when it can be expensed? They even have cheap rates. $300 for the week is a real bargain for a car. Get out the calculator. tTake the bus or train to work each day. Use the low weekend rates to rent an auto for running around town. That's only about $60 to cover all the car use. Once price, insurance and all the other car costs are taken into account, under $3500 for a rental year is a lot less than owning. Small businesses can take advantage of Enterprise's fleet management. This includes any business that provides cars to employees such as sales businesses, or businesses with multiple locations where traveling supervisors or managers make visits. Managing all the details of a fleet of cars isn't easy. The cars much be purchased, maintained, and all the legalities such as insurance and registration apply to fleet cars too. Turnover is high, cars must be replaced. It's best for a company to keep its eyes on its main function. Enterprise to the rescue. When cars are done with their rental life, Enterprise offers them for sale. Enterprise maintains their vehicles well. That's not in sync with the stereotype of a hard used rental car. Enterprise imposes penalties to motivate customers to treat the cars well. Maintenance is regular, too. Many private owners don't do that, and those are the used cars that end up at most dealerships. Did you know there was that much to Enterprise car rentals? Diabetes Cure